TR LaunaY’s technicians have been using advanced technologies to explore shipwrecks since the mid-1990s. They have assisted in locating and identifying over 20 wrecks scattered across the globe at depths exceeding 6,000 meters. In addition to standard location, identification, and dissection of shipwrecks, TR LaunaY specializes in artifact recovery and high-definition video production for live broadcasting and documentary filmmaking. TR LaunaY’s technicians have assisted in the recording of broadcast-quality video data of many famous shipwrecks, including the RMS Titanic, HMS Hood, and DKM Bismarck.

We offer the following services for shipwreck investigations:

  • Location & Identification
  • Shipwreck Dissection
  • Custom Shipwreck Tooling
  • Archaeological Mapping
  • Artifact Recovery
  • Lighting Trees for Film Production
  • Video Documentation & Production
  • Live Broadcast Video
  • Scientific Experiments & Educational Videos

To investigate shipwrecks, TR LaunaY’s technicians utilize a wide variety of search equipment and target location systems. Once the target has been located and identified, we implement the appropriate ROV system equipped with project-specific instrumentation, such as high-definition cameras and video recording equipment used in conjunction with high-powered lighting, to produce documentary-quality images. We often use a combination of equipment systems and subsea tooling based on the ROV capabilities, water depth, and environmental conditions. We determine the best instruments and tooling appropriate for each study based on our clients’ needs and the challenges of the environment and wreck site.