Technical Service and Management
~~~ Above and Below the Waterline ~~~

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ROV Operations
  • Extensive experience with Schilling, Perry, SMD, USN, Oceaneering and Phoenix ROV systems
  • Work & Inspection class systems
  • Construction, inspection, P&A, Well Services
  • Platform & Rig Support
  • Sim Ops

Survey and Sonar Operations
  • Familiarity with many systems
  • Record interpretation and target identification
  • USBL & LBL navigation systems
  • Full ocean side scan sonar towfish systems

Shipwreck Investigations
  • Broadcast Quality Video
  • Live Video
  • Artifact Recovery
  • Lighting Trees

Salvage Operations
  • Heavy Lift Equipment
  • Motion Compensation Systems
  • Advanced Rigging Techniques
  • Custom Tooling

Subsea Support Services
  • Coring Sample
  • Mineral Recovery
  • Marine Life Identification
  • Geological Sampling

Cable and Pipeline Operations
  • Subsea Tractors and Plows
  • ROV Jetting Skids
  • Linear Cable Engines
  • Pre and Post Lay Surveys

  • Policies and Procedures
  • Detailed Mission Reports
Client List
  • List of Current and Previous Clients
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