TR LaunaY’s client base is as diverse as our advanced technological services. Over the past 10 years, we have successfully supported global energy corporations, oil and gas companies, windfarm developers, telecommunications equipment companies, military and government agencies, media/entertainment corporations, the transportation and energy sectors, and other geotechnical and geophysical services companies. We pride ourselves on our extensive list of repeat clients with whom we have developed solid long-term relationships. Although not complete, the following list provides representative examples of previous clients who have invested in our services.

Oil and Gas Sector
Statoil, Shell AS Norske, ConocoPhillips, Saudi Aramco, Chevron, Marathon, Petrobras

Transportation and Energy Sector
Maersk, Teekay

Military and Government Sector
U.S. Navy, Australian Navy, NASA

Entertainment Sector
Earthship Productions, Discovery Channel, British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Independent Television Network (ITN), National Broadcasting Company (NBC)

Technical and Offshore Support Sector
Swire Seabed AS; Odyssey Marine Exploration; Bezos Expeditions; Oceaneering International, Inc.; Fendercare Marine Ltd.; CGG Veritas; Phoenix International; Nautilus Minerals, Inc.; Canyon Offshore; EDT Offshore