TR LaunaY Incorporated is an advanced applied technologies company offering technical and management services above and below the waterline. Our expertise includes ROV operations, side scan sonar operations, shipwreck investigations, salvage operations, subsea exploration, mining, cable installation, and pipeline operations.

Since its inception in 2004, TR LaunaY has been providing these services to onshore and offshore clients across the globe. Our experienced technicians have safely conducted operations in every major ocean and sea throughout the world. Our operations are not limited by water depth, location, or degree of difficulty. For example, we have successfully conducted numerous shipwreck searches and salvage operations in depths up to 7,000 meters.

With over 25 years of experience in the advanced technologies sector, we understand the challenges and safety concerns of these operations and are able to ensure client satisfaction and success by tailoring our services to meet our customers’ specific needs and project goals.

Troy Launay studied underwater technology at the Florida Institute of Technology and has been contributing his skills and services to the advanced technologies sector for over 30 years. As a certified commercial diver, Troy began his career in the offshore construction industry and was trained in air, mixed gas, and saturation diving. He has utilized his inland and offshore diving skills for a wide variety of commercial marine projects.

Prior to founding TR LaunaY Inc., Troy served as a senior technician and project manager for Oceaneering International, a global company providing deepwater applied technology expertise to the offshore oil and gas, defense, entertainment, and aerospace industries. He fabricated, operated, and maintained both electrical and mechanical systems used for deep ocean search and recovery operations. In addition, Troy gained extensive experience operating side scan sonars and using ROVs and the associated handling systems and salvage equipment for numerous offshore tasks and projects.

Through TR LaunaY, Troy applies his suite of technical and management skills to provide clients with a unique and unparalleled opportunity to enhance the advanced technologies sector.

Our Mission
At TR LaunaY, we strive to provide safe, high-quality technical and management services to the advanced technology sector in the national and international markets.